The heart and soul of our company is to turning ideas into action and bringing ideas to life. Over a decade, we organised special events and moulded them into unforgettable events and experiences. Primary aim of our events is to entertain, communicate and inspire. Because of our creative vision, innovative ideas, and insightful knowledge and on the top our friendly and reliable services made us highly recommended throughout the Sydney. We are passionate about providing beautifully organised, seamless and truly memorable events for all of you. We highly aim to exceed the expectations and build long lasting relationships throughout the life. We provide complete event coordination services-our services are tailored and flexible. We present and provide extra ordinary events to the public and we ensure that everything is thought and nothing is left to chance.

Our mission is to create better events through our experiences, insight, creative flair and open communication. We create an environment where staff and suppliers are respected and valued. We deliver the celebrations that are memorable, fun and inspired.

As a team, we have fun and very much dedicated towards our work. We, are professionals and committed to service, excellence. We don’t see it as one event, we see it as a journey and with each of our client and the possibility to work with them through life’s celebrations. We care about the relationship and about looking after each of our event to make it memorable for your life.

We are pioneers of most of the events like Curry festival, Mela Melna Da, Karva Chauth. We assure to present which will bring enthusiasm in your life. We respect your time and we promise to fulfil your expectations towards zeal of our events and left you in a jovial state.


Star Event Productions has been in business since 2008.Based in Sydney, we are working on the big events like big concerts, multicultural events as well as cultural events. In the last 10 years, we have established ourselves as one of the leading company in our profession and in most years our work will take us to every state in Australia.

Our knowledge of all the events is strong and we work so deeply and with dedication to ensure that we are offering best events to all of you. We have enviable track record of repeat events. When we work on the new concepts, our aim is to make it a big memorable event. For those who come & join us more than once, we look for the new ways to refresh and to build on the knowledge that we gained on first event.

We have a long list of sponsors that have worked with event productions more than once. Our company has been awarded by many awards from entertainment as well as cultural organisations such as SEEG, ELEGANT CREATIONS, PUNJABI TOUCH ENTERTAINMENT, AGAM GROUP, PUNJABI HERITAGE ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA.


  • CURRY FESTIVAL: A multicultural event organised by our company which had given ultimate taste to the taste buds of the overwhelmed crowd of more than 10,000 people. This was the first food event organised by event team and people showed a massive response to our dedication. Peoples from different communities had shown their love to different cuisines.
  • KARWA CHAUTH: The event of ladies. This event is dedicated for all those ladies who dedicated this day for their life partner. We are organising this event from last so many years.
  • MELA MELNA DAA: One more event for the ladies which we organise every year. This the cultural event in which kids and ladies show their love towards culture by giving their performances like dance, skits and many more.
  • DIWALI FESTIVAL: Get-together like Diwali Festival can raise social awareness and harmony. The festival signifies the triumph of light over darkness, justice over injustice, good over evil.
  • COLORFEST:-This event filed the colours to the life of all the people who came and added colour to our event. This event has given a fame to our company. This multicultural event added zeal to life of peoples. The enthusiasm of all the attendants has proved their love towards our innovative ideas as they accepted our work with whole heart.