Terms and Conditions


Please note that by submitting an application for a stall site the applicant accepts the terms and conditions listed on this information sheet. All stallholders MUST comply with Local Council Health Regulations and other relevant regulations such as Workplace Health and Safety.

All stallholders MUST have public liability Insurance and provide evidence of currency prior to setting up. It is preferred that vehicles are parked off the field during the festival. The organizing committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application.

This is a Rain, Hail or Shine event. The event will go ahead unless you are notified by us.

No refunds are possible after stall booking unless the event is cancelled. If event has to be cancelled 50% of the Stall booking fees will be refunded.

Wine stall holders need to provide us with the R.S.A. certificates and also carry with them at their stall to show to the relevant authorities if requested.


  1. As a temporary food stall, all stalls must comply with the Food Handling Guideline for Temporary Food Events which can be accessed through the NSW Food Authority’s website, http://www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au. All stallholders MUST comply with The Blacktown Council Health Regulations and other relevant regulations such as Workplace Health and Safety. The detailed guidelines are attached herewith.
  2. Food inspectors will be visiting the event, therefore, please stick to the safe hygiene practices, food temperature maintenance and overall cleanliness of your stall.
  1. Please send us your “Public liability Insurance” (If you haven’t passed on) and provide evidence of currency. They’ll not allow you to set up the stall until you provide that.
  1. Please bring 10-15 meters cable to get a power from the distribution box (Applicable to the food stalls or to the stalls who has requested an paid for the power).
  1. Please make sure all your electrical equipment is tagged and tested. If they are not, the council electrician will do it on the venue and will charge you $10 per equipment.
  1. We have limited supply of power at the venue. Every food stall will be provided with 1 X 20 amps’ power supply only.
  1. NO WATER BOTTLES AND SOFT DRINKS TO BE SOLD AT THE FOOD AND MERCHANDISE STALLS.  However, you can sell other drinks like Mango lassi, tea, coffee etc.
  1. All cooking has to be done inside the stall or behind the stall.


Selection of Stalls is based on the information you provide to us. Factors we take into consideration when selecting Stalls includes:

  • Quality and attractiveness of your Stall
  • Overall diversity and variety of Stalls for our patrons
  • Visual representation, information and required paperwork supplied with application

Please include a thorough and detailed description of your stall, products and previous Festival experience. All applications must include intended layout and additional information.


When driving your vehicle on the field, you must drive no faster than 10 km/hr and have your hazard lights on at all times while your vehicles engine is running.

Please contact us for any further information or enquiries:


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