Sponsorship Details

Star Event Productions offers its sponsors and partner’s tangible marketing and promotion opportunities year round through its events and festivals. The following benefits are inherent to our various sponsorship packages.

  1. Inherent networking and promotion opportunities.
  2. Brand recognition and confidence building.
  3. Access to diverse community of people of diverse communities.
  4. Access to member databases for marketing purposes.
  5. Opportunity to survey over thousands of people on the ground.
  6. Opportunity to market and promote products to over 100,000 people indirectly through various media, publications, newsletters and web promotions.
  7. Market research, advertising and segmentation opportunities.
  8. Low cost lead generation opportunities.
  9. Networking opportunities with ethnic businesses.
  10. VIP networking and business opportunities.
  11. Opportunity to share your products, demonstration, services, ideas, experience and support.
  12. Access to various activities year around that include Seminars, Forums, workshops & events
  13. Opportunities to organize information sessions/ seminars in partnership with major sponsors (On demand)
  14. Opportunity for the businesses to up sell their products and services
  15. Exposure to ethnic media through ethnic newspapers, magazines, online and print media as well as TV/ Radio coverage – wherever possible.
  16. Cobranded flyers, brochures, posters, tickets, banners and or other printed stationary
  17. Website promotions – link exchanges to sponsor websites.